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Product Description

Live a healthy lifestyle when juicing is all made easier! So simple, that all you need is just putting in your whole apples or carrots, one at a time and let your Juicifier do the work!

Silent Swirl Juicifiers apply the latest juicing technology which apply masticating process at a very low speed. Contradicting to the conventional high speed blenders and centrifugal juicers, Juicifiers have no blades at all.

It all comes down to the revolutionary design used in all Juicifiers. They have no high speed shearing blades or those spinning sharp teeth mesh chambers to juice.

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Product Highlights

A rotating auger that combines 5 essential steps of juicing is used so that most of the nutrients are kept intact in your juice. The grooves on the auger generate cutting, primary crushing, refined crushing, masticating and grinding upon completing a simple rotation.

But why low speed? Well, low speed means that less heat is generated so that your juice is not pasteurized. Also, it eliminates air, particularly oxygen from getting drawn into your juice, which will make your juice less fresh and less tasty. Furthermore, you get more juice too.


Features the key

Wide Inlet

A whole apple? no problem! The inlet is so wide, you can just drop your Granny Smith apple into it! Measuring at 76mm wide, it's even larger than the size of a tennis ball !

Safety and Security

Our engineers apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional performance and quality in each one. Safety magnetic switch, bladeless design, waterproof plug... you name it.

Care and Cleaning

Made from food grade materials that do not degrade when exposed to liquid, a Juicifier requires literally zero maintenance.
You can perform a quick clean for a Juicifier by pouring clean water into the chamber and let it run for a minute before rinsing it. How simple is that!

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